Fig & Olive Islamic Botanicals - Set of 2 Art Prints

Fig & Olive Islamic Botanicals - Set of 2 Art Prints

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These botanicals were meticulously painted by artist Anastasiya Arvest, illustration the two fruits mentioned in the first verse of the 95th chapter of the Qur'an. Both prints come with the fruit's name in English, the fruit's transliteration, it's Latin name, and it's name in Arabic. At the bottom of each print, there is a list of all of the verses in the Qur'an that the particular fruit is mentioned. The Arabic calligraphy was composed in the Nastaliq script by calligrapher Waqar Ahmed.

Dimensions: 2 prints in the 8" x 10" size

Framing: It is very easy to find a ready-made frame in 8" x 10", no need to custom frame.

Paper: Acid-Free Archival Quality Paper

By the pen, and what they write [68:1]

The science behind Islamic calligraphy

When done properly, Islamic calligraphy is a science as much as it is an art form. Each letter in each script has been mastered over for generations so that it is in the most perfect proportions determined by sacred geometry. After a few hours of viewing calligraphy, it is easy to differentiate the self-taught calligrapher versus the calligrapher who has perfected the artform under a master.

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