Where do you ship to?

We easily ship to most locations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. For locations in South America and Africa, contact us with your address and we'll let you know the time it will take to fulfill your order.


Can I add/remove signature boxes in my nikahnama design?

Yes, for almost all of our designs, other than the Ziya, we are able to accommodate adding and removing signature boxes to customize to your needs. Please note, some designs look better with an even amount of signature boxes and may look overcrowded with too many signature boxes.

Can I customize the colors on my nikahnama?

Yes, we can do a basic color change to your nikahnama for a design fee of $50. This is for simple requests such as 'change all red in the design to purple.' For more complex design changes, as in moving different design elements, we charge a design fee of $200.

Can I change the fonts on my nikahnama?

Yes, we can change the fonts on your nikahnama to the font of your choice. It's helpful to send a font name or to show images for reference.

Can I switch designs after purchasing?

Yes, you can switch designs, however, if you've already gone through the proofing process and approved your proof, we charge a $20 change fee to cover costs for our designer's time.



How do I find the Islamic date of my nikah?

Since there is now standard method of date calculation in the US, we leave it up to the couple to give us their preferred Islamic date. Different scholars use different calculations methods, which also include local and worldwide moonlighting.

Please note that dates change in the Islamic calendar at Maghrib time, so make note if your nikah begins after Maghrib prayer.

Moonsighting site

Islamic finder

Many couples who follow moonlighting choose to leave the exact date blank, and fill it in themselves when the date is clear. 

Should the bride's name come first on the nikahnama or the groom's?

This is entirely left to your preference and you can change the order around during the proofing process.

Do I need a wali signature box?

Having a signature box for the wali is entirely up to your preference. Our 'Nikah 2' text does not have a wali signature box. If you want to know more about what a wali is, you can read our explainer here. If you want to know more about the Hanafi opinion that allows for nikah without a wali, you can read Alim Nihal Khan's post about it here.


Do you provide frames? How do I frame my nikahnama?

Each couple has different framing preferences and we do not have the ability to frame in-house. We have an entire guide on how to frame and display your nikahnama on your wedding day here.

What pen should I use?

We have a guide for how to choose the right pen here.