A nikahnama guide

The Right Pen for your Nikahnama

The big day has finally come and your beautiful Nikahnama is ready to be signed! What pen should you use to complement your beautiful wedding certificate? We have a few tips (pun not intended!) to help you choose the perfect pen.

  • Avoid thick Sharpies: while these pens are universal essentials in every home, they won’t always work in your favour. Sharpies are notorious for bleeding through paper, and can leave pools of ink marks on your certificate.
  • Fountain pens are a hit and miss, and are often a miss: inks in fountain pens are more likely to smudge and smear across your paper. No matter how fancy the pen might be, there is a good chance the ink will smudge, or the pen will bleed.
  • Felt tips are not always reliable: for everyday writing and sketching, these pens work just fine, but on your beautiful and delicate wedding certificate, felt tip pens can scratch the paper.

What do we recommend you use for your Nikahnama?

Archival Pens

Fine Point Pens

What About Quill Pens?

Before The Big Day 

It’s common to feel major nerves before signing a contract that binds you and your partner for life. Before your big day, we recommend practicing your signatures on a plain piece of paper. This can help ease some nerves, and ensure that you will be ready and steady to sign your beautiful nikahnama when the day comes. 

We hope this was helpful! 

Happy signing, and bismillah to your new beginning!