Beauty, remembered.

Dedicated to beauty, faith, and tradition. Designed by real Muslim artisans, real calligraphers, & real Muslim scholars.

sil·sil·a: n., a connection, a chain of hearts of generations past, flowing into the soul like pure water


Our mission

Areas of Focus

Make traditional Islamic art more accessible

For those who can't travel abroad easily, we hope to make Islamic art more accessible, especially
in those places where awareness of traditional arts could be greater.

By developing luxury art prints, we also hope to make remembrance through art more affordable.

Supporting Muslim artisans

More often than we'd like, we meet Muslim artisans struggling to make ends meet. We hope to find sustainable ways of supporting these
artisans, as well as their precious craft.

Highlighting beautiful Islamic traditions

As society undergoes changes at rates never before seen in past ages, we are doing our small part to rescue the sophisticated ways of Islam’s
high culture and civilization. Through our blog and products, we hope to tell the stories of some of these at-risk traditions and practices in
the hope that they can inspire more God-conscious ways of living and being in the presentand coming time. 

Foods of the Final Prophet - A Botanical Print Poster
In collaboration with traditional botanical watercolorists and calligraphers to illustrate 19 of the foods that have been linked to the Prophet, we've create this gorgeous new botanical poster.
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A calligrapher's touch
Tughra Seals
Commission our calligrapher to design a seal of your names. Our tughra seals are handcrafted by our trained Arabic calligraphers, and can be used on your nikahnama and in your stationary and decor. Personal tughras also available.
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Available in 3 styles.

a history

the nikahnama tradition

Decorated nikahnamas have been used by Muslims for centuries, and kept as heirlooms. They were once the couple's only wedding keepsake.

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