Displaying, Framing and Caring for your nikahnama

Now that your nikahnama is here, you’re not going to want to keep it in a mailing tube forever! Here are some tips for caring for your nikahnama on your wedding date, and beyond.

Upon receiving your nikahnama:

Your nikahnama will likely arrive rolled in a tube, use some large heavy books to flatten it. You don’t want to have to struggle to keep it open while signing it.

Check spelling errors on the nikahnama, and report them immediately if you see them.

Decide who will be signing your nikahnama (And tell them to start practicing their signatures!)

Choose your pen for signing (See our blog post here about what pens are best to use!)

On your nikah day:

Designate one person who is in charge of transporting the nikahnama and pens, and storing it safely once it’s signed

Keep an extra sheet of cardstock paper handy for all signatories to practice signing their signature with your pen of choice, to get the best quality signatures

Tip: Wait for your ink to dry before making any rough movements with the nikahnama! You don't want a smudge.

The day of

Displaying your nikahnama:

Display accessories

Sealing the deal

Custom Framing your nikahnama

Happy signing!