Silsila operates and ships out of Pennsylvania, USA.

Silsila is a shop dedicated to preserving and promoting Islamic heritage through art and craftsmanship. We meticulously design and curate a diverse collection of traditional Islamic artworks, encompassing calligraphy, illuminations, and textiles, while fostering connections between Muslim artisans and a global audience. Our mission is to make these timeless treasures accessible to all, enriching the lives of Muslims and imbuing the practice of Islam with beauty, meaning, and a profound love for Allah.

Nushmia Khan, founded Silsila (formerly Nikahnama) after becoming a mother. With a background in video journalism, photography, and design, she now studies traditional Islamic arts in Istanbul. Motivated by a desire to make Islamic craftsmanship more accessible to everyday Muslims, Nushmia established Silsila, a platform dedicated to preserving and promoting Islamic heritage.

Fatima Mulla is a graphic designer and Islamic artist based out of the UAE. She oversees Silsila's nikahnama graphic design, tughra seals and customer service, ensuring every customer receives a contract tailored to their specific needs.

Laibah Araien is a graphic designer based out of Canada, and is in charge of our Waladnama birth certificates and related products, as well as managing all graphic design aspects within this area.

Waqar Ahmed, our in-house calligrapher and illuminator, is based in Haripur, Pakistan. He has honed his craft under the tutelage of Pakistan's top traditional artists and his artwork has been exhibited internationally.