Bespoke Nikahnamas

Commission a custom made nikahnama painted and embellished for you by hand, to cherish for generations. Nikahnama has begun working with several artists to provide premium quality bespoke nikahnamas for your nikah/kitab ceremony.

Here are a few of the artists we've partnered with:

Alvina U. - Mughal Fresco & Persian Illuminations

Starting at $600



Fatima I. - Watercolor & Acrylics

Starting at $600. Known for her modern floral designs. Text would be pre-printed on canvas or archival paper.




Waqar A. - Traditional 24 Karat Islamic Illumination & Arabic Calligraphy

Starting at $2500. Waqar has his ijaza in Arabic calligraphy and completes all of his illumination with 24 karat gold, handmade natural dyes and handmade Ahar paper. his full portfolio can be viewed here: