The many different uses of the Couple's Seal

Our inspiration for our new custom handmade product, The Couple's Seal, came from the Ottoman and Mughal sultans. Ottoman sultans would use a calligraphic seal of their name, called the tughra, in all sorts of ways, such as in their letters and declarations, on their buildings, on the coins they minted, and on the medals they gave.

The Couple's Seal is meant to be a symbol of unity between a couple, and can be used in countless ways. Here are a few examples:

1. Stationary: Couple's Seals are often found on wedding invitations and thank you cards, and can be used as the 'family logo', sort of like how companies have their own logos in their letterheads.

2. Decals: With the digital file we provide, it's very easy to order a wall or car decal in the exact size or color you prefer.

Here are some websites you can use to order your decal: Sticker Mule ($$), Smartpress ($$), StickerYou ($)

3. As a stamp, emboss, or hot wax seal: these customizations are another way to take your stationary to another level.

Stamps: Vistaprint, SimplyStamps, Zazzle

Hot wax seal stamps can be purchased from stores such as: Stamptitude, Nostalgic Impressions

4. Art/Decor: It's also possible to paint your seal onto specialty paper, or embroideries using the tracing paper method. The possibilities for incorporating the seal into decor are endless.

5. Wedding lighting: Talk to your wedding decorator about turning your seal into a stencil/template using GOBO lighting--it will definitely add a wow factor to the event!

6. On your nikahnama, of course :) : The Couple's Seal adds a personalized touch to a nikahnama, and makes the document even more special.

From jewelry to houseware, the possibilities for The Couple's Seal are endless. If you've found any interesting ways to use your Couple's Seal, shoot us a message at!