How to Welcome a New Muslim: Meaningful Gifts and Gestures

While the ceremony of Shahada, or testifying to the faith of Islam, is often a simple and fast event, it deserves deep consideration and preparation. It marks the transformative moment of Islam, or submission, where a new Muslim begins anew, with all sins of their past life wiped clean. To aid in making this journey into Islam more beautiful and seamless, we've curated a selection of gifts and gestures:

  1. Shahadatnama (Shahada Certificate): Our beautiful and meaningful Shahada certificate serves as a poignant reminder for a new Muslim, allowing them to cherish and commemorate the day they made their testimony of faith, as well as those who bore witness to it. It signifies the gravity of this momentous occasion. Moreover, Shahada certificates are frequently required in governmental documentation, so it should surely not be forgotten.
  2. Prayer Rug: A prayer rug serves as a practical tool, providing a clean and designated area for performing salah (prayer) wherever one may be. This is especially meaningful for new Muslims who may still be establishing their routines of worship. A prayer rug given at the time of shahada holds sentimental value: it becomes a cherished keepsake, weaving memories of faith and connection with every prostration.
  3. Quran: If they have not already received or read a Qur’an, a good Qur’an with an easy translation should definitely be given to a new Muslim. “The Clear Quran” is one such accessible Quran.
  4. Tasbihs (Prayer Beads): Tasbihs are not only a practical tool for making dhikr (remembrance of Allah) but also a source of comfort and spiritual connection. Choose a beautiful set of tasbihs made from quality materials
  5. Kufi or Hijab: A kufi (for men) or hijab (for women) will help a new Muslim in their prayer and otherwise. Choose one made from high-quality fabric and without too many patterns, so that it can be worn regularly. 
  6. An introduction to Islam book: We highly recommend "Being Muslim: A Practical Guide" by Asad Tarsin  as a comprehensive introduction into the fundamentals of Islam and how to practice. 

While gifts are wonderful expressions of support, perhaps the most important gift you can offer is your ongoing guidance and companionship. Being there for the new Muslim during their journey, answering their questions, offering support during difficult times, and providing a sense of community can make a world of difference.

Remember, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward." So, by offering your support and guidance to a new Muslim, you're not only fulfilling a duty but also earning immense blessings from Allah.