"The head of wisdom is the fear of Allah" - Art Print [3 Colors]

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رأس الحكمة مخافة الله

"The head of wisdom is the fear of Allah". This is a hadith narrated by Imams al-Bayhaqi and al-‘Askari, one which gained popularity across the Ottoman realms. 

This print is discounted due a minor artistic error (see pictures) which does not affect the hadith text.

This Hadith can be found in calligraphy in some of the great Ottoman buildings, such as the Grand Mosque of Bursa (Bursa Ulu Cami).

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Background Color Options: Red, Black, Light Green

Framing: It is very easy to find a ready-made frame in 16" x 20", no need to custom frame.


This beautiful Hadith adorns the wall of many great Ottoman buildings, such as the Grand Mosque of Bursa.

By the pen, and what they write [68:1]

The science behind Islamic calligraphy

When done properly, Islamic calligraphy is a science as much as it is an art form. Each letter in each script has been mastered over for generations so that it is in the most perfect proportions determined by sacred geometry. After a few hours of viewing calligraphy, it is easy to differentiate the self-taught calligrapher versus the calligrapher who has perfected the artform under a master.

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