Foods of the Final Prophet - A Botanical Print Poster

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After years of work, we are proud to release this gorgeous botanical print poster illustrating the blessed foods eaten and loved by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We worked with artists to have each of the 19 foods individually painted in watercolor by hand. Arabic calligraphy was also done by hand by the artist Waqar Ahmed. It's our hope that this print illuminates kitchens, offices, classrooms and places of worship and is a means of remembrance of our beloved Prophet and his attributes. 

Dimensions: 16" x 20"

Framing: It is very easy to find a ready-made frame in 16" x 20", no need to custom frame.


More about this project:

محمد بشر لا كالبشر  *** بل هو كاليقوت بين الحجر

The poet once wrote:

Muhammad is a man, but not just any man.
Lo! His likeness is that of a splendid ruby, whilst all else is common stone.

Though he was a human, there was nothing mundane about the character our Prophet. By paying close attention to his likes and dislikes, the believer enters into a deeper commune with the Muhammadan reality.

One of the most practical ways this “sublime mundanity” of the Prophet manifested is through his food choices and habits. The way he [s] ate is so far removed from food culture today, which is characterized by the endless consumption of highly suspect frankenfoods. We’re so far removed from the simple and natural eating habits brought by our Prophet centuries and centuries ago. Without becoming Muhammadan in our relationship with food, our spiritual insight will never develop to the degree it is capable of.

That’s why I’m so excited about our new release. I collaborated with traditional botanical watercolorists to paint 19 of the foods that have been linked to the Prophet, to create this botanical poster.

Watercolorists: Anastasiya Arvest, Alena Samorodova

Calligraphy: Waqar Ahmed

Art Direction: Nushmia Khan

With help and guidance from Hakima Pari Ansari and Dr. Yasir Abunamous.

By the pen, and what they write [68:1]

The science behind Islamic calligraphy

When done properly, Islamic calligraphy is a science as much as it is an art form. Each letter in each script has been mastered over for generations so that it is in the most perfect proportions determined by sacred geometry. After a few hours of viewing calligraphy, it is easy to differentiate the self-taught calligrapher versus the calligrapher who has perfected the artform under a master.

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