Every space is an opportunity
for more Beauty.


At Silsila, we believe the more chances to invoke the remembrance of Allah in our spaces, the more baraka we will attract into our lives. We are obsessed with the idea of keeping beautiful Islamic traditions alive. 

For us, this isn’t just another business. We are on a mission to spread the true definition of Beauty into as many spaces as we can, and to support all those artists around the world whom, through their selfless devotion, make this work possible. 

Founded in 2020 in collaboration with artists in Pakistan, Turkey and the United States, we aim to honor the artistic legacy of our grand Muslim forebears through each and every one of our pieces. 

Areas of Focus

Make traditional Islamic art accessible

For those who can't travel abroad easily, we hope to make Islamic art more accessible, especially in those places where awareness of traditional arts could be greater.

By developing luxury art prints, we also hope to make remembrance through art more affordable.

Supporting Muslim artisans

More often than we'd like, we meet Muslim artisans struggling to make ends meet. We hope to find sustainable ways of supporting these artisans, as well as their precious craft.

Highlighting beautiful Islamic traditions

As society undergoes changes at rates never before seen in past ages, we are doing our small part to rescue the sophisticated ways of Islam’s high culture and civilization. Through our blog and products, we hope to tell the stories of some of these at-risk traditions and practices in the hope that they can inspire more God-conscious ways of living and being in the present and coming time. 

A word from one of our artists

Alvina Usman:

​Before working with Silsila, I had given up my training as a Mughal Fresco artist and had surrendered to finding other ways to make a living. I now have the confidence that my work is important and I feel blessed to help sustain this incredible artform.

Alvina's artworks are soon to be released on Silsila, inshAllah. ​